Jyzen Labs is a
Bio-Optimization Laboratory

We develop research and data-driven personalized programs for your health.

Bio-Optimization Bio-Optimization
What is Bio-Optimization?

Bio-optimization is using data driven technologies, practices, products, iv therapies, and structural alignment body work to optimize physical and cognitive performance, enhance vitality, improve body composition, reverse biological aging, and resolve disease.

The Future of Health Care is Here Now

Do you wish you could reverse the aging process, be leaner, have greater memory and mental clarity, better energy, or heal from disease?  The future has arrived and Jyzen Labs has assembled all of the practices, technologies, and products in one location to help you do all of these things and more.

Biological aging has the same underpinnings as most diseases.  With data driven technologies, practices and products to optimize hormone balance, stimulate the production of tissue specific growth factors, and stimulate mitophagy – the recycling of old mitochondria and production of new ones, and with practices designed to minimize inflammation and improve oxygen utilization and the production of energy, we have begun to crack the code on entropy, aging and chronic disease.

Energize, Repair, Relax, Detox, Hydrate, Recover, Replenish, Heal, Improve. 

By understanding Bio Optimization, you can take control of your wellness and transform yourself like never before.

Explore Our Expertise

  • Revolutionary Medical Services*

    Revolutionary Medical Services*

    4 Medical Doctors to support, treat, guide, and diagnose. Personalized protocols to counter act aging, increase vitality, enhance performance, resolve disease and mitigate chronic health conditions.

    *Led by Chief Medical Officer Dr. Beth McDougall

    Medical Services*

    4 Medical Doctors to support, treat, guide, and diagnose

  • Advanced BioMetrics

    Advanced BioMetrics

    Active & Resting Metabolic analysis, Fit3D body scans, Evolt360 body composition testing, PhysioPS diagnostics, blood and lipid panels, hair mineral analysis etc.


    Cutting edge health analysis

  • Regenerative Health Technologies

    Regenerative Health Technologies

    A rare collection of med-spa services: Hocatt Sauna, BioResonance treatments, Hyperbaric Oxygen, Novothor Red-Light, Cryotherapy, stem cell activation technologies, IV therapies and more

    Health Technologies

    A rare collection of med-spa services

  • Adaptive Performance Training

    Adaptive Performance Training

    Vasper, LiveO2, ARX and other technologies designed for accelerated fitness, increased growth hormone, maximize energy and performance

    Performance Training

    Accelerate your fitness

  • NeuroFit Brain Health

    NeuroFit Brain Health

    NeuroFit is a proprietary program featured at Jyzen Labs with a proven track record for improving brain performance. Brain mapping is used to understand brain activity and target optimal function.

    Brain Health

    Your Brain Matters!

  • Complete BodyShop

    Complete BodyShop

    Physical Therapy, Postural & Structural Alignment, Massage, Manual Therapies, Functional Movement Conditioning, Pilates, Balance & Gait Training.


    Live functional and pain free

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